Let's create together the server of your beautiful dreams.

Hi, I'm Naeko, and my mission is to be your partner in your servers to make them the best and have fun with your friends.

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You may ask, why choose me?

I have many modules that you like, I have prepared them especially for you, so that together we can create the server of your dreams.

By the way, don't worry, I have more to offer to help you with my variety of modules and commands and in every update new things.

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Many commands

I have many commands ready for you, a total of more than 180 commands.

When a member joins the server...

Don't worry about being aware of giving roles or greeting your new members, I'll take care of that.

I speak your favorite languages

You don't need to relearn commands in English or in a language that is not yours, you can write my commands in your favorite language.

Don't have a Nitro subscription?

Now you can use your favorite emojis with me, even if you don't have nitro with my mudulo NQN. I will help you with your emojis when it is not possible.


If you find it difficult or boring to configure me with slash commands (/) you can use my website to configure me on your server with a few simple clicks. on your server with a few simple clicks.


My Discord support server will always be available to help you with whatever you need, feel free to join!

Some statistics

I know, they can be better...

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Easy to configure, autocomplete commands

You don't need to learn the commands, Discord and I will help you with command autocompletion, options and everything you want.

Localized slash commands

Write and use my commands in your preferred language, don't worry about learning another language again, I'll help you with that!

Search for your favorite things

You don't need to name something and wish Wumpus into existence after executing the command, I give you live results!

Juega al rol con tus amigos

My sister Suzuka will help you with that, she's an expert in roleplay commands and I hope to be next to her on your servers. <3

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My fans love and trust me

With a total of 7 reviews, these are the most important.

Me pagaron por ponerle 5 estrellas.


buen bot la verdad aunque el creador no quiere poner un modulo que llevo pidiendo de hace tiempo :c


Me pagaron por ponerle una estrella


La vida de un crítico es sencilla en muchos aspectos, arriesgamos poco, y tenemos poder sobre aquellos que ofrecen su trabajo y su servicio a nuest...


El hoy es bastante entretenido y util, 5 estrellas ^^

◜ˀˀ ♡⃕𝗗𝚊𝚗𝚒𝚎𝚕፧⸝⸝🍶Ꮺ

Esta cool


Are you ready to make history together?

Invite me to your server, talk about me to your friends and promise me that we will never part.

Support ServerInvite me to your server


A multipurpose bot to make a server more productive with its variety of commands and functions such as creating custom commands, assigning roles when a user joins the server and/or displaying a welcome message and many other functions.

Invite me to your server


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