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Thank you for using Naeko. Below is the data collected by Naeko, for its functionality of all its modules and any service derived from Naeko. It is important to mention that anything not mentioned on this page is not official or valid.

Please note that this privacy policy applies to all Naeko services, this includes its "sisters", its API and its CDN, as well as the use of this website.

It is also important to mention that Naeko does not sell or share any information stored on Naeko's servers and services and any stored data can be deleted whenever the author of the data wishes. The data is stored indefinitely until the author of the data decides to delete it.

Information collected

  • Role identifications: server role identifications are stored for processing in modules such as the role menu for processing in modules such as the role menu, roles given to a user when joining the server, etc. server, etc. server, etc.

  • Message identifications: the identification of server messages are saved only for the purpose of processing them in modules such as the role menu, suggestions, sweepstakes, and others. among others.

  • Channel identifications: the identification of server channels are saved to be processed for suggestions, welcome and farewell modules, giveaways, and more.

  • Server identifications: server identifications are saved to store Naeko's configuration on this server and to have a status of what Naeko and its services will do on that Discord server.

  • User identifications: User identifications are stored for blacklisting purposes, which protects Naeko services, the level system and the user profile module. It is necessary for each user to have unique data on the servers.

  • Commands executed: this data is stored to track statistics on which commands are used and the most used by users using Naeko and its other services.

  • Votes: this data is stored to keep statistics of the votes that users have made for Naeko and its services, and thus be processed by the modules that give rewards for them.

  • Cookies: this website uses cookies to store information about the language of the application, Google Analytics, Cloudflare and information with the Naeko API.

Information not collected

  • Message content: naeko and all of its services do not need to store any type of message content, such as text any type of message content, such as text, embeds, attachments, etc.

  • Listen to unauthorized events: do not listen to moderation events such as bans, expulsions and/or any other type of event on the server without having manually configured a module to do so.

  • User profile information no information about user bios, names, profile pictures and user bios, names, profile pictures and user covers. This also applies to the user information you have for each information you have for each individual server (Nitro).

  • Server profile information: no information about icons, covers and/or name of the server where Naeko or any of its services are located is collected.

Any request for deletion of information stored on Naeko servers and services must be mentioned and requested on Naeko's support server on Discord. This is the only means by which it can be requested, any other means external to the above mentioned is not official and the Naeko team will not be held responsible for any fraud or deception by the same.

Currently this is the privacy policy for Naeko's services. It is important to remember that by using Naeko or any of its services, you agree to this privacy policy. Anything not mentioned here is not valid or official.

Naeko and all its services reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time. Any changes will be mentioned on the Discord support server.

Last modification: 19/09/2022 (09/19/2022)


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