Terms and conditions of use

Important information you must comply with when using Naeko's services.

Last update: 27/01/2023

Thank you for using Naeko. You need to comply with the following terms in order to use Naeko properly, otherwise you will be blacklisted by Naeko, which will prevent you from using any of its commands and will not interact with you on any server.

These terms were created in order to ensure that Naeko does not suffer any damage due to abuse of bugs, plagiarism, fake copies and many other facts that can damage the integrity of Naeko.

Please note that these conditions apply to all Naeko services, this includes its "sisters", its API and its CDN, as well as the use of this website.


Like any application, this one can contain errors, which can benefit both the user and damage the application itself. Therefore it is necessary that any error found in the application is reported to the Discord support server for a review and repair of the same. Any abuse that is detected that harms the bot and is not reported will be the server or user added to Naeko's blacklist.

Therefore, it is necessary to always report all errors, so that Naeko can function optimally and the bot can be used as expected.


It is not allowed to copy ideas that Naeko has and appropriate them as your own, for example: if Naeko has an Amazon module and makes an action to get the startup's products, then if the user copies exactly how Naeko's module works he/she will be sanctioned with being added to Naeko's blacklist.

Unlike the previous point, it is possible to appeal to remove the penalty, in case it is due to an unexpected error or because the user did not know that he/she was making an exact copy of the Naeko module.

Avoiding sanctions

If the user was sanctioned and added to Naeko's blacklist and attempts to use "alternate" accounts, the sanction will be irreversible for the user's main account and will result in the sanctioning of the "alternate" account immediately and all other accounts found to be used by the user.

This is to avoid user toxicity towards Naeko, or so to speak a hate group that will take advantage of any Naeko mistakes.

Use automated methods

The use of automated methods is prohibited because Naeko was created to be used by people (humans), and the use of automated tools will only cause Naeko to run out of steam and may have more errors that will be harder to fix because there will be no person to report them.

If a user is caught using automated methods to use Naeko, they will be sanctioned by being added to Naeko's blacklist and thus preventing Naeko from interacting in any way with the user.

It should be noted that if an entire server is found to be doing this, the owner, his moderators and the server will be blacklisted with no possibility of appeal.

Using commands disproportionately (Spam)

Using commands abnormally is not allowed because it only causes Naeko to overload and possibly start crashing, so it should be avoided at all costs to prevent future problems.

Currently all commands have a timeout (Cooldown) for each use, this is to avoid the above mentioned and it is necessary to respect this time, otherwise using "alternate" accounts to avoid it will result in a blacklist penalty.

Speculations (rumors)

On Naeko's Discord support server are all the news, statuses, what's to come and updates to come. Any out of place comments that are drama, false speculations, or any hateful and false comments will be sanctioned and no claims will be made.

Anything done to Naeko is mentioned on the Naeko support server on Discord and it will not be tolerated for a user or group of users to start a plot against Naeko and all its services.

Fake staff

Any user impersonating Naeko staff will be immediately sanctioned and banned from all Naeko services, with no opportunity for appeal as it is a bad practice that only harms the person they are impersonating.

To find out who are part of the official Naeko team, just go to the support server and see the members with important roles on the server. Any case you find out about the above should be reported to solve the problem immediately.

These are currently the terms and conditions of Naeko's services. It is important to remember that by using Naeko or any of its services, you accept these terms and conditions, and failure to comply and respect them will result in the penalties mentioned in the previous points.

Naeko and all its services reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be mentioned on the Discord support server.